Monday, 18 July 2011

My week in pictures ♡

<3 I had a pretty jam-packed week and i am absolutely exhausted!! BRING ON THE HOLIDAYS !!! I really can't believe that my school still hasn't broken up for the hols when every other school in the country has (probs a slight exaggeration but .. MEH) So here goes with my week:

<3 Monday: I had a lazy day, as you can see my mum snapped me relaxing on the couch, heeehe. 

<3 Tuesday: I went to a college open evening! This was so exciting for me since i've never visited a college before and i really had no idea what to expect. The picture above is an over view of all the different courses. There were so many to look at that i just ended up going into each subject and grabbing a leaflet on it. As soon as i get some time, i'm going to have to sit down, go through them all and have a serious think about my future (its all so scary!!). I have a few generalized ideas of what i would like to study at college. Photography (a must!), psychology, english literature, some kind of science .. and possibly environmental studies (which is classed as a science)  The best thing would be for me to know what career i want to end up doing, but i honestly have NO clue. Almost every teacher i talked to that day asked: "So, what would you like to be?" and i just had to say, i do not know! I have to choose 4 courses and then drop one by the second year! How do you choose with so much on offer!?? So i will have to have chosen my college and sent of my application by December this year! I just feel that i'm too young to be deciding these things, but clearly i need to grow up and get my life organised !! ahaaa, its all so confuddling!
Anyway, the college was great and had a really nice campus and atmosphere. It is very likely to be the one i go to out of my two choices!  Are any of you going to be starting college soon? Do you have any advice?

<3 Wednesday: This was the first proper dress rehearsal for my dance show! I looooove doing the shows so much and since we only get to do them every other year they always seem so special! As you can see from the picture i am modelling that to die for slicked back look! and some very garish lippy, hahaa! The make-up is extravagant but its all for dramatic effect. 

<3 Thursday: The first live show! It was so exciting finally getting to do my dance in front of an audience!! But also very tiring, i got home at around 11 and asleep by 1, i am not good with late nights!!

<3 Friday: SPORTS DAYY !! and what can i say ??... i like to get into the spirit of things !! ahaa, my tutor was America, unfortunately we didnt win but i made sure i waved our falg !! Loving the face paints. It was soo nice all day, and got the whole day off lessons. You gotta love sports day. I did long jump and came 5th, hahaa, not my usual standard but oh well. That was my last ever sports day (small tear) My school life is nearing the end :'( 

<3 Saturday: My grandparents were down with their adorable little dog, Lady. I wish i had taken a pic of her! We made the trip into portsmouth as you know if you saw my last post and did some shopping in the rain (good old British Summertime!) I got this poster which i LOVE !! I'm really into all the Keep Calm and Carry On stuff and this poster just made me laugh so much !! I spent the afternoon with my dad going over plans for our american road trip this summer. Only 13 days to goooooooo !!!!!

<3 Sunday: IT'S SHOW TIME! Eleven hours i spent at that theater on sunday, ELEVEN !!! but it was so much fun. We did two full shows with a half hour break in between, and it was amazing! I can't wait for the dvd to come so i can watch it all through properly. Everyone had a bit of a cry when it was all over, its always sad!
<3 So now its rainy and wet and i really need to start packing for ma hols !! byeeee m'loverlies,
Lily, xox

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Cath Kidston Washbag

<3 Heeey, so i've been having a relaxing Saturday with the famalaam. My Grandma and Grandad are down for the weekend to see my dance show tomorrow. I'm so excited to finally be doing the shows again, even though i am hardly on the stage for long! I have to be there all day tomorrow in a stuffy auditorium that is being used as one of our dressing rooms. I really hope it doesn't rain tomorrow so that i can go outside in the intervals for some fresh air! Aaah, the show-biz life ;)
<3 So today i went to Gunwharf Quays with my dad and grandparents for a spot of shopping and a walk around the docks. However it was pouring with rain when we arrived so the walk didn't go quite as planned.
<3 Anywayy! My laaaverly daddy brought me this beautiful Cath Kidston wash bag as it was in the sales from around £16 to £8 ! I adore the Cath Kidston products but have just never brought anything before. This pattern is by far my favorite of them all!

 <3 While browsing i saw about 5 other things that i really wanted. Everything is just so pretty in there!
<3 I really needed a bigger wash bag for my holidays, and this is just the perfect size for most of my toiletries. It is going to be so hard when i begin packing. I am like the worlds worse packer, for some reason it just gets me so stressed ! This time it will be even harder as i have to limit how much i pack, usually i just chuck just about everything in! But i am planning on buying a lot of things from America. (yes AMERICA !!!! i am SO bloooooooodddyy excitedd !!) So i don't want to go over the weight limit as you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money if you do.
<3 So now i'm just watching Marley and Me, seriously love this film !! But it's so sad at the end, ahaa.
Hope you've all had a loverly weekend too! Everyone pray for sunshine tomorrow !!
Lily, xx

Monday, 11 July 2011

HAUL 2 ♡

<3 My last haul post was so long i thought i better do another for the rest! I didn't get much else even though there were several other things i wanted, ahaa. I could always easily spend so much money every time i go shopping!!
<3 (seems to be a bit of a leopard print theme going on!)

<3 Wanted these for ages, every time i go to get them all the leopard ones are gone but finally i got some! These are the Primark nail foils for £3, i'll try and do a post on them once they're done! You get 18 in a packet, annoyingly it isn't enough to do you nails twice but at least you have some spare if you mess it up!

<3 Also from Primark i got this gorgeous topaz and gold ring for around £1.50. I can't usually wear rings as my fingers are so thin and stubby but this one just about fits !!

<3 Probably my favorite buy was these Hareem Pants. They were £10 and i honestly can't remember which shop i got them from, it wasn't a well known one and it was very cheap so they aren't the best quality. However i love them and can't wait to wear them on the plane. They are a cottony material and everyone should get a pair as the go with almost everything. Leopard print isn't usually my thing but i am warming to it. 
(sorry the pic has my other buys in it, no time for another!)

<3 The very last thing i got were these fab sandals form, yet again, Primark! They were reduced from £12 to £6. Gotta love the sales !! I love the tan colour and the gold detailing on them. They are just simple slip-on's, so i thought they could be my substitute for flipflop's this year.
<3 It was a great shopping trip and i wish i had a picture of me and shannon but i didn't bring my camera :( 
Hope you all had a great week end too, love
Lily, xox 


<3 Right, yesterday I went shopping with my beeeest friend and got loads of stuff! It was a brief re-stock before the hols, i say brief as i am planning on buying a lot of things there! I CAN NOT WAIT!! for those of you who don't know i am lucky enough to be going to the USA this summer for the first time in 2 and a bit weeks. So before i go i needed a few things.
<3 I managed to get almost everything, so here goes!

<3 I'll start with a run through of the more cosmetic based things.

<3 First these two amazing mascaras, both from Superdrug. 
<3 The first is the purple Max-Factor for £11.99, but because it's a new product, they had an amazing deal on. Two for £12.99 only £1 more !!!! So me and shannon got one each and split the money. I'm not sure how long its on for but its an amazing deal so hurry !!

<3 It is the False Lash Effect Fusion Volume and Length. I really wanted a plastic brush because they are good for separating out the lashes after using a thicker mascara.

<3 The second mascara i got was the Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect (as you can tell, i'm all about the volume!) The brush is amazing and it really does give a false lash effect. Got this from Boots for £4.99, it is a cheap mascara and i'm told that it dries out quickly but i'm loving it right now!

<3 Next item is this lipstick from Natural Collection for £1.99 in Rose Petal. It is a really pretty neutral pink colour. 

<3 Foundation and powder were one of the main things i was shopping for, make-up wise. I finally decided on the Max-Factor smooth effect liquid foundation in Cream Ivory for £7.99. It is a new line product and i'm pretty sure it was in introductory price, so once again hurry if you want it so cheap!
<3 The powder is the Rimmel London Clear Complexion for £3.99. It is a very translucent powder and doesn't give much coverage if thats what your looking for, but its perfect for me!

<3The next three items are just some simple things! 

<3 So we have the Self Tanning Wipes that i have raved about before. These are only £1 from Savers !!!!! They may not be your cup of tea, but i love them!
<3 We also have SO...? body spray in For Me which was about a pound from Superdrug. I don't usually buy body sprays but i thought it would be convenient just to have in my bag as we are going to be travelling a lot this summer.
<3 and lastly we have the Rimmel London Exaggerate waterproof eye definer pencil from Boots for £3.99. I have had this before and it recently ran out and i had to have it again!!
<3 That is it for the makeup and this is looking a bit long so i am gunna do another haul for the other things i got!
Lily, xox


Enterprise Day

<3 It feels like i haven't posted in a loooong time, but my last was only Thursday.
<3 So, i still have no clue what so ever as to what Enterprise Day is !! But i have picked an outfit anyway!All i know is that it is a day we are having at my school, and we have been informed to dress smart/dressy. I have done my best with this limited information and am very pleased with my purchases. I went for a dress in the end after dithering around with skirts and floaty shirts. Not knowing what the occasion is and trying to buy an outfit for it is a hard task. I knew that most people have decided on wearing heels and seeing as i would loooove to be 2 inches taller, it was a great opportunity to buy some new ones !
<3 I picked out these items bearing in mind that i want to wear them again and i'm soo pleased, so here are my choices:

<3 The dress is from H&M for £24.99 and its a gorgeous tan colour. I love the frilly color and the floaty material. Its almost a sheer kind of material and it gives it a really summery feel. I will definitely wear this again on maybe meals out or for my work experience in September (ooooh, exciting).
<3 Next are the heels from New Look for £23 in the sale. I love them sooo much (as i've said, sorry for the repeat!) I've wanted some tanned strappy heels for so long and can't wait to wear them on holiday!! 

<3 They match the dress really well, and after 5 or so hours of frantic shopping i am really pleased with my outfit!
<3 So do any of you have this mysterious Enterprise Day coming up? Or have you already had one?? I need all the help i can get on this, ahaa!! I think we may have to do some sort of challenge and the winner gets half price prom tickets .... (aahhh PROM, so many things to look forwards to! hehee) Anyway i am clueless !! 

Lily, xox
(p.s sorry for the crap picture quality! My camera didnt like the indoor sun and i couldn't be bothered to mess around with lighting, hope you enjoyed anyway, x)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

I'm in Cupcake Heaven

<3 I wish i could take the credit for these gorgeous fairycakes but it was my sister who made them !! I just thought they looked so amazing and cute that i had to do a quick post!
<3 My sister is an incredible cake maker, i wish i was better at cooking but i never seem to have any interest in it. It just seems like so much effort. I'm mainly put off by all the washing up at the end (such a lazy bones).
<3 So today was a proffesional day for my school, DAY OFF !! I went shopping with my mum for an outfit for enterprise day. Now, help me out here people, what is Enterprise day ?? It is happening in a few weeks at my school and all i know is that i need a smart/dressy outfit. I was getting a bit panicked as nothing i tried on was looking right, i dont think i suit the 'business' look but i eventually found a nice tan coloured dress from H&M and some lllaaaaaverly heels to go with it. I think i may do a short post on it later.  
<3 This week has been adjusting back to waking up early for school and getting on track with homework. All exams are over, and we are officially head of the school, which also means yr 11 work begins pronto!
<3 Tonight i have dance rehearsal for my show next week, time is going so quickly! I only have 3 more weeks untill the biggest trip of my liffeee !!! This summer i am going to AMERICA !! I am such a lucky girl. As the days go by im sure you will be hearing more and more about this as the frenzied excitement mounts ;)) So, i'm going to be gone for 2 weeks starting on the 30th. I have already got stacks of lists and things to get before i leave. Going to America has always been a dream of mine, and it still doesn't feel real that we're going! I have a big shopping trip planned for Sunday so stand by for a haul! 
Ok m'lovlerlies, thats all from me,
Lily, xx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

My week in pictures ♡

<3 Phew, so this week has been such a loooooong one !! It has just gone on and on.
<3 So this week i finally got all my year 10 exams over and done with, WOOO ! My last one was on wednesday. I've been enjoying not having to study and cram till the very last second and then sitting in a stuffy sports hall at a tiny wooden desk for like 2 hours at a time. My school doesnt have the best exam facilities ;).
<3 Monday: my mum surprised me by having put up our trampoline when i got home from my exam. I love my trampoline, me and my sister spent an evening taking stupid pictures on it.
<3 Tuesday: my sister gave me a pedicure - my toes have never looked better !!
<3 Wednesday: last yr 10 exam! Then i went round my friends to get ready to go out. It was a friends birthday so me and all the girls went out to prezzo's, it was a great night !
<3 Thursday: i went out to the cinema and while my friend was getting her phone fixed i went into Peacocks and found this amazing shall-like cardigan. Its got a really nice pale blue aztec pattern (i seem to be into that style at the moment).
<3Saturday: Went round to shannon's (my stunning friend in the pictures above) where we did a Kim Kardashian workout video and videos for our joint youtube channel and chilled in the limited sun we had that day.
<3 Sunday: Today, I AM EXHAUSTED !! I went on a bike ride with my dad in the forest. I absolutely love bike rides but this one was a mega one. We got lost after about an hour but managed to find our way back to the car eventually! It was such a nice day and the sun never went behind a single cloud. I caught the sun on my face a bit which means freckles for me ! I hate my freckles. We going out for a Sunday dinner later on so i'm gunna go get ready now, hope you all had a lovely week too !

Lily, xox

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Wardrobe Update !

<3 So my sister came home form her shopping trip today with this amazing buy! I just wanted to do a quick post on them because i just think they are so gorgeous!! I would describe them as having an Aztec pattern, really colourful  and intricate.
<3 They are from New Look for £14.99. I saw some shorts there similar to these ones the other month but they didnt have my size, i definatley like these ones better though!!
<3 I love having a sister because it means we can have a combined wardrobe and share all our clothes (mostly) However this is the main cause for argument in our household and blazing rows about who is allowed to wear what are a frequent occurrence. But its worth it to have double the amount of clothes. I realize that even if you do have a sister around the same age as you, your not necessarily the same sizes. Even though my sister is about 3 inches taller than me and i am 2 years older we still fit the same clothes. Unluckily for us the only thing we can't share are shoes as she is a size 7 and i am a tiny 4 and a 1/2 ! So that is why im sad that we cant also share these super cute primark sandals that she also brought home ..

Naturally Lighten Your Hair

<3 This was a great suggestion from my friend Shannon who has already done a post on her blog and she got the idea from the youtube channel, Adrea'sChoice.
<3 I think this is a great solution for anyone who doesnt like the idea of using harsh chemicals or dye on their hair to lighten it. I was going to use sun-in on my hair but heard form my friends that it is really damaging and drying on your hair. 
<3 I am LOVING the ombre look for the summer!! So when i did this i only put it on the bottom half of my hair, it is so easy to do and uses opnly natural ingredients (plus conditioner).
<3 What you will need: - Conditioner  - Honey (raw or solid is best) 
                                    - Lemon (optional)  - Jar
<3 OK so like i said, it is so easy to do! First put one part conditioner and two parts honey into the jar and mix. I also added lemon as it is a natural lightener, but some of you may feel that this will dry out your hair. I didn't find this however! If you are going to add the lemon, just cut one in half and squeeze the juice in with the honey and conditioner, it will smell AMAZING !! Try and mix it well so that there are no lumps of honey left.
<3 Leave that to sit for around 10-15 minutes, then just smooth it all over your hair. If you do want the ombre  effect, only put it on the bottom half of your hair. Once you have covered your head, place your hair in a normal plastic bag that you can get from the supermarket and wrap it up. Then wrap it in a towel like you would normally do after washing your hair. This is to lock in the heat and improve the lightening effect. Leave it for 40 minutes and find something to do!
<3 After 40 minutes, take your hair down and wash as normal, make sure to get all the honey mixture out! After 4-5 times of doing this you should start to see a difference. I have only been able to do it once so far, as i've been so busy but even after the first time i did see a tiny difference. I have lightish brown hair that is slightly golden ginger in the sun - its a weird combination i know!
<3 If you try this, please comment and tell me if it works for you! I'll keep you updated if i ever get round to doing this again, aha. It is a must for those of you who want lighter hair for the summer but don't want to damage it. Its also a really relaxing activity and the honey and lemon smells so good! You must try it, enjoy!

Lily, xx