Friday, 20 July 2012

Haul - Urban Outfitters, H&M, Primark and more

1. Sheer material, oversized t-shirt with detailed drawstring from H&M on sale for just £3!
2. Navy maxi dress from H&M also for £12
3. Vintage Levis shorts from a Vintage Store for £15 (compete bargain and my best buy!!)
4. Black boob-tube vest from Primark for £2.50
5. Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters for £16
6. Hairbrush by Oopia form Primark for £1.50
7. MUA bronzer in shade- 1 from Superdrug for £1
8. Nivea 'Pure&Natural cleansing lotion' from Waitrose for £3.45
9. Sandals from Primark for £10

I went on a holiday shop earlier this week and was so pleased with my purchases, especially the Levis which i have been looking for forever and will wear non-stop this summer!
I've had a lovely two days, enjoying the sunshine and finally getting the chance to do summery activities! Tomorrow i'm meeting up with friends for a catch-up and some lunch so right now im just relaxing and deciding what to wear!
Hope you are all having a wonderful evening,

Love Harriet xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Shoes and Skin Essentials

 Last week i finally found the shoes i have been dying to get my hands on! I spotted them in New Look for £14/£15 which is a fair price i think as i've already worn them half to death! They seem to be the only shoes i wear anymore whether im shopping, meeting up with friends or just for any general shoe related task, they are my go to shoes! They rubbed slightly at first, as you would expect with any new shoes, but now they are perfectly comfy to wear with bear feet and they just go with EVERYTHING! I would definitely recommend buying a pair if your at a loss of what shoe you want this summer.
 I also picked up a few other things last week, my favorite was the St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub, i got the 'Blemish Fighting' one. I use it to wash and cleanse my face every morning and night, it leaves my skin feeling wonderfully smooth and refreshed and of course smells amazing!
 I wanted to try out some new tanning moisturizer as this year i am trying to avoid the oh-so charming paleness, without turning myself either streaky or orange and my friend recommended this to me, the Garneier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion. If you dont like using moisturisers with a strong smell then i would say that this isn't for you. But i seem to be loving the apricot smell right now and it gives a lovely glow. I've always loved Garnier products and i got this in the 'Deep sun-kissed look' shade since it was the darkest they had and the lighter ones never seem to do much (even to the palest of us).

 I hope you enjoyed this short post and that you are coping with our utterly depressing lack of sunshine (if you live in England that is) at the minute by keeping your tan looking brilliant any way you can! I can't wait to fly off to sunny Spain next Saturday!!

Love Harriet xxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Prom Night

So last Friday night, I had my Prom. It was honestly a fantastic night and I would love so much to do it all over again! It was sad realizing that this would be the last time everybody from my school would all find ourselves together seeing as we are starting different colleges this September. But all the same, we had to leave at some point, and this was a great way of saying goodbye to our Secondary School years!
I thought I would show you guys a few pictures from the night, hope you enjoy!

 After about four months of frantically going up and down the country looking for that perfect dress (literally, i went to Manchester, Bolton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Oxford, London...) i decided to look online.
My friend told me about a website called Dresses Ok and i automatically found the dress of my dreams! I have to say that i had been trying to avoid buying offline as there's always the risk someone may have ordered your dress and you have no way of knowing or that it may not come in time! However i'm so glad i did, it needed a few readjustments but after that it fitted amazingly! (make sure you fill in the order forms super carefullly!)

As for nails, hair and makeup....
My makeup was done by my beautiful and talented best friend Shannon, to see her blog click here. You can also watch a video of my makeup being done by shannon along with a few of our other friends here on her vlog channel.
I bought some fake acrylic nails from Boots for around £5. All you had to do was glue them on and i loved having long nails for once!
Me and my mumma did my hair. Its very simply straightened and pulled back into a bun and held in place by hair grips. Then a few side bits were pulled down and curled for a messier effect.

hope everyone had a magical Prom night too!

Love H

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Hello again!
So this weekend I bought two pairs of jeans, both very different prices, but both so easy to create an outfit around for any occasion. I couldn't wait to see how I could style them and came up with two outfits that I love.

Outfit 1: Black Pair
Everything I am wearing in this outfit except the vans is brand new from the past two days where I went shopping crazy! 

Jumper -   Vintage Store -  £23
Necklace - River Island -     £1.50
Jeans -      Primark -          £9
Vans -        LA shoe store - $25 - (roughly £16) 

I was so pleased to find these jeans in Primark for such an amazing price. I had been wanting to buy some black jeans for so long as they go with EVERYTHING but had been putting it off for reasons unknown.
Vintage shopping is something I am getting slowly obsessed with! I've found so many great items already and the shops are always packed full of bargains! Underneath my jumper I'm wearing a sleeveless blouse that I found in the Vintage store, great for layering and I'm planning on wearing it well on into the summer. 

Outfit 2: Red Pair

Denim Jacket -      Zara 
Sleeveless Blouse - Vintage Shop - £15.79
Turtle Necklace -  (Gift)
Red Jeans -           Topshop -        £38
Boot Wedges -       River Island -   £35

I LOVE this outfit! Its smart casual and can easily be dressed down by adding some pumps or any flat shoe. I wore it out last night to a meal with friends to Frankie&Bennys (YUM).
Hallelujah, the red jeans have finally landed in my life! I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair since before Christmas, better late than never! The contrast in price between the two pairs of jeans is shocking, I'm glad I have both so I can mix and match!
I picked this particular pair because of the extra added detail at the bottom, the little rolled up ends adds some extra style for you to work with, Topshop never dissapoints!


I never really used to bother with jewelry but it can easily bring an outfit together. These are two of my favorite necklaces at the moment. The crosses I found in a sale in River Island and the Turtle was a Christmas gift from a friend.

Hope you enjoyed,

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Meet Noah

This Christmas my Mum surprised me and my sister with possibly the best present ever! Under the tree was a red christmassy box, and in the box was our new little kitten. We've named her Noah (yes we know that is generally a boys name but we thought it was cute for a girl too) and she is currently 12 weeks old. Her favorite things are milk, cuddles, waking me up very early, chasing her little mice and playing with sweetie wrappers. She is the most adorable thing in the world and I love her so much! Here are a few photos, but don't be deceived by her cuteness, she's a little monster! 

Monday, 23 January 2012

What I've been loving this month! - January

January is a really miserable month! Christmas is over, the days are shorter and colder and everybody is just generally tired and grumpy. So you need a little something to cheer you up! This is my January faves, i'll try and do one for each month so here goes...


Having good moistuising makeup is really important in the winter months especially, if like me, the cold weather gives you dry skin. 
This months favorites have been:
-Cover Girl liquid foundation in Classic Ivory
-MUA blush in Shade 2
-Bobbi Brown Corrector and Creamy Concealor in Medium Bisque and Beige
-Topshop Blush in High Five
-Barry M nail polish in Coral

I love all of these products for the winter because they all compliment that 'english rose' look that is so pretty to wear! It goes well with my pale skin and winter is one of the only times i can really play to my skin tones! The bright colour blush is key to the 'english rose' look as it refers to the deep blush. I also have very bad dark under-eye circles. I looked for ages for the perfect product to cover them up and finally came across the Bobbi Brown Collection! I absolutely love it and its one of the only products that gets rid of those pesky circles! It is  not very drying to wear on your skin, so perfect for the winter and colder months. Finally, my choice of nail colour lately has been Coral to add just a splash of colour to these dreary days!


For clothes I've picked four key items that i have been wearing non-stop this month, otherwise we would be here forever (GOD i love clothes!).
-Green Coat -- New Look
-Cream Cardigan -- H&M
-Leggings -- Urban Outfitters
-Black Wedge Boots -- River Island

One of my biggest aims for this winter was to find that perfect coat that i could wear for years to come without getting sick of it. And of course for it to be warm and cosy! I found this lovely green coat with fur collar in New Look and have worn it on possibly every trip out. It goes with everything and is super warm - yey!
I also desperately wanted a warm, laid-back, oversized cardigan. I found this one in H&M for £30. I do think that this is a lot of money to spend on a cardi myself but I saw it once and persuaded myself not to get it, then spent the whole of Christmas wanting it so next time i found it i got it straight away!
The leggings from Urban Outfitters are actually my sisters, but i seem to wear them more than her. I love the aztec pattern they have on them and the grey and white colours have been perfect for the winter!
Finally the gorgeous black wedge boots form River Island. I got these because I wanted some boots to wear in the winter on days out shopping or to a restaurant that weren't you average casual boots. They are surprisingly comfortable to walk in and the bonus of course is that im taller! 


This bits&bobs category is made up of the little things that I've found myself using (or eating) every single day this month.
-Lee Stafford Shampoo & Conditioner
-Olay moisturising wash
-Temple Run

I'll start off with my shampoo&conditioner choice of the month. I received the Lee Stafford Hair Growth products for Christmas off of my lovely Auntie and was so excited! I've used Lee Stafford hair products before and loved them to pieces and growing my hair is something I've been working on for the past year or so. I've gone through about half of each bottle now and am seeing slow improvements. If anything my hair is healthier with less split ends and smells amazing which all adds up to your hair growing faster. I have vowed to get my hair cut at least once every two months to ward away any split ends! I would definitely recommend these products. Next is my faithful little pot of nivea! I find myself using this all the time on any dry patches of skin on my hands or face. I love the clean smell it has and it works wonders for me. 
The Olay gentle cleanser is something my mum picked up for me and i only tried recently. Its like a moistuising face wash to use in the mornings when you have a wash. It really refreshes your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and supple.
Lastly and possibly most exciting is my new iPhone my Dad got me for Christmas. It is my pride and joy and I hardly ever put it down. I simply can't imagine not having it now and I'm extreamly grateful to my Dad for spending so much money on me! Instagram was one of the main reasons I wanted an iPhone. I would see all these amazing photos on other bloggers pages and twitter and want that app sooo much! Now I have it, I find myself taking photos non-stop and uploading them to instagram. All the photos in this post were taken on my iPhone with instagram except the very first one. 
The app Temple Run was suggested to me by a friend with the promise "You will be addicted." and surprise surprise I well and truly am!
FINALLY I say one word: Pancakes! 
Ever since I had them on New Years day with all my friends and family I have made them every sunday morning for myself to brighten the day ahead!

Gosh I have gabbed on a bit! Aahh well, hope you enjoyed reading through my January Faves!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Long time no see!

Hello! It feels like an absolute AGE since i last sat down and wrote one of these!! But its a new year and I want this to be a fresh start for my blog. I will try my absolute hardest to upload regular posts and make them as interesting as possible!Despite my increasing work load form school as the summer GCSE's loom ever closer (scary stuff!). Expect to see lots of photography, rambles on mundane everyday life, hauls and possibly some videos. I can't wait to get started, I already have loads of ideas for posts, so stay tuned and please enjoy!
As you can tell if your read my blog before i've been doing some re-vamping and am finally happy with the way every thing is looking which makes me a lot more motivated to get posts done. A good work place leads to good work!