Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My name is ...

<3 so first of all, i should introduce myself, my name is Harriet. 
I like my name but if any of you have seen my joint youtube channel or twitter then you know that i much prefer my middle name - Lily, i carry it with me wherever i go on a necklace.
<3 things i don't like about myself would be ...
my nose because it has a massive bump on the bridge
my height. My 13 year old sister towers above me, just about 3 more inches would be nice (Y) its not that im tiny but i still feel like a child when i stand next to adults.
 my hair just about never looks right, as you can tell from the pictures above !
I have massive dark under-eye circle that i hate hate hate !!!
<3 things i do like are ....
the colour of my hair, it can go quite golden in the sun, although i am a fan of ombre hair and nearer the summer im going to give that a go !
I have never had a problem with my weight and put it down to a fast metabolism
my teeth, thanks to the miracle of  modern dentistry
<3 i am in year 10 at school and my favorite lesson has to be my amazing commercial art class, its the best part of my week !
<3 shopping Shopping SHOPPING,, my fave thing to do !!
<3 peanut butter is amazing, rain is depressing, autumn is beautiful, the future is a mystery, the Darwin Deez have stolen my heart, sun is uplifting, marshmallows are genius and i am enjoying every bit of it. 
<3 and now im really getting into blogging. So i will try to catch you up regularly on my not so thrilling life as often as i can and all that is left to say is ta-rah for now and enjoy,
Lily x