Monday, 11 July 2011

HAUL 2 ♡

<3 My last haul post was so long i thought i better do another for the rest! I didn't get much else even though there were several other things i wanted, ahaa. I could always easily spend so much money every time i go shopping!!
<3 (seems to be a bit of a leopard print theme going on!)

<3 Wanted these for ages, every time i go to get them all the leopard ones are gone but finally i got some! These are the Primark nail foils for £3, i'll try and do a post on them once they're done! You get 18 in a packet, annoyingly it isn't enough to do you nails twice but at least you have some spare if you mess it up!

<3 Also from Primark i got this gorgeous topaz and gold ring for around £1.50. I can't usually wear rings as my fingers are so thin and stubby but this one just about fits !!

<3 Probably my favorite buy was these Hareem Pants. They were £10 and i honestly can't remember which shop i got them from, it wasn't a well known one and it was very cheap so they aren't the best quality. However i love them and can't wait to wear them on the plane. They are a cottony material and everyone should get a pair as the go with almost everything. Leopard print isn't usually my thing but i am warming to it. 
(sorry the pic has my other buys in it, no time for another!)

<3 The very last thing i got were these fab sandals form, yet again, Primark! They were reduced from £12 to £6. Gotta love the sales !! I love the tan colour and the gold detailing on them. They are just simple slip-on's, so i thought they could be my substitute for flipflop's this year.
<3 It was a great shopping trip and i wish i had a picture of me and shannon but i didn't bring my camera :( 
Hope you all had a great week end too, love
Lily, xox 


<3 Right, yesterday I went shopping with my beeeest friend and got loads of stuff! It was a brief re-stock before the hols, i say brief as i am planning on buying a lot of things there! I CAN NOT WAIT!! for those of you who don't know i am lucky enough to be going to the USA this summer for the first time in 2 and a bit weeks. So before i go i needed a few things.
<3 I managed to get almost everything, so here goes!

<3 I'll start with a run through of the more cosmetic based things.

<3 First these two amazing mascaras, both from Superdrug. 
<3 The first is the purple Max-Factor for £11.99, but because it's a new product, they had an amazing deal on. Two for £12.99 only £1 more !!!! So me and shannon got one each and split the money. I'm not sure how long its on for but its an amazing deal so hurry !!

<3 It is the False Lash Effect Fusion Volume and Length. I really wanted a plastic brush because they are good for separating out the lashes after using a thicker mascara.

<3 The second mascara i got was the Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect (as you can tell, i'm all about the volume!) The brush is amazing and it really does give a false lash effect. Got this from Boots for £4.99, it is a cheap mascara and i'm told that it dries out quickly but i'm loving it right now!

<3 Next item is this lipstick from Natural Collection for £1.99 in Rose Petal. It is a really pretty neutral pink colour. 

<3 Foundation and powder were one of the main things i was shopping for, make-up wise. I finally decided on the Max-Factor smooth effect liquid foundation in Cream Ivory for £7.99. It is a new line product and i'm pretty sure it was in introductory price, so once again hurry if you want it so cheap!
<3 The powder is the Rimmel London Clear Complexion for £3.99. It is a very translucent powder and doesn't give much coverage if thats what your looking for, but its perfect for me!

<3The next three items are just some simple things! 

<3 So we have the Self Tanning Wipes that i have raved about before. These are only £1 from Savers !!!!! They may not be your cup of tea, but i love them!
<3 We also have SO...? body spray in For Me which was about a pound from Superdrug. I don't usually buy body sprays but i thought it would be convenient just to have in my bag as we are going to be travelling a lot this summer.
<3 and lastly we have the Rimmel London Exaggerate waterproof eye definer pencil from Boots for £3.99. I have had this before and it recently ran out and i had to have it again!!
<3 That is it for the makeup and this is looking a bit long so i am gunna do another haul for the other things i got!
Lily, xox


Enterprise Day

<3 It feels like i haven't posted in a loooong time, but my last was only Thursday.
<3 So, i still have no clue what so ever as to what Enterprise Day is !! But i have picked an outfit anyway!All i know is that it is a day we are having at my school, and we have been informed to dress smart/dressy. I have done my best with this limited information and am very pleased with my purchases. I went for a dress in the end after dithering around with skirts and floaty shirts. Not knowing what the occasion is and trying to buy an outfit for it is a hard task. I knew that most people have decided on wearing heels and seeing as i would loooove to be 2 inches taller, it was a great opportunity to buy some new ones !
<3 I picked out these items bearing in mind that i want to wear them again and i'm soo pleased, so here are my choices:

<3 The dress is from H&M for £24.99 and its a gorgeous tan colour. I love the frilly color and the floaty material. Its almost a sheer kind of material and it gives it a really summery feel. I will definitely wear this again on maybe meals out or for my work experience in September (ooooh, exciting).
<3 Next are the heels from New Look for £23 in the sale. I love them sooo much (as i've said, sorry for the repeat!) I've wanted some tanned strappy heels for so long and can't wait to wear them on holiday!! 

<3 They match the dress really well, and after 5 or so hours of frantic shopping i am really pleased with my outfit!
<3 So do any of you have this mysterious Enterprise Day coming up? Or have you already had one?? I need all the help i can get on this, ahaa!! I think we may have to do some sort of challenge and the winner gets half price prom tickets .... (aahhh PROM, so many things to look forwards to! hehee) Anyway i am clueless !! 

Lily, xox
(p.s sorry for the crap picture quality! My camera didnt like the indoor sun and i couldn't be bothered to mess around with lighting, hope you enjoyed anyway, x)