Monday, 11 July 2011

Enterprise Day

<3 It feels like i haven't posted in a loooong time, but my last was only Thursday.
<3 So, i still have no clue what so ever as to what Enterprise Day is !! But i have picked an outfit anyway!All i know is that it is a day we are having at my school, and we have been informed to dress smart/dressy. I have done my best with this limited information and am very pleased with my purchases. I went for a dress in the end after dithering around with skirts and floaty shirts. Not knowing what the occasion is and trying to buy an outfit for it is a hard task. I knew that most people have decided on wearing heels and seeing as i would loooove to be 2 inches taller, it was a great opportunity to buy some new ones !
<3 I picked out these items bearing in mind that i want to wear them again and i'm soo pleased, so here are my choices:

<3 The dress is from H&M for £24.99 and its a gorgeous tan colour. I love the frilly color and the floaty material. Its almost a sheer kind of material and it gives it a really summery feel. I will definitely wear this again on maybe meals out or for my work experience in September (ooooh, exciting).
<3 Next are the heels from New Look for £23 in the sale. I love them sooo much (as i've said, sorry for the repeat!) I've wanted some tanned strappy heels for so long and can't wait to wear them on holiday!! 

<3 They match the dress really well, and after 5 or so hours of frantic shopping i am really pleased with my outfit!
<3 So do any of you have this mysterious Enterprise Day coming up? Or have you already had one?? I need all the help i can get on this, ahaa!! I think we may have to do some sort of challenge and the winner gets half price prom tickets .... (aahhh PROM, so many things to look forwards to! hehee) Anyway i am clueless !! 

Lily, xox
(p.s sorry for the crap picture quality! My camera didnt like the indoor sun and i couldn't be bothered to mess around with lighting, hope you enjoyed anyway, x)

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  1. Beautiful dress! Great blog. ♥