Thursday, 7 July 2011

I'm in Cupcake Heaven

<3 I wish i could take the credit for these gorgeous fairycakes but it was my sister who made them !! I just thought they looked so amazing and cute that i had to do a quick post!
<3 My sister is an incredible cake maker, i wish i was better at cooking but i never seem to have any interest in it. It just seems like so much effort. I'm mainly put off by all the washing up at the end (such a lazy bones).
<3 So today was a proffesional day for my school, DAY OFF !! I went shopping with my mum for an outfit for enterprise day. Now, help me out here people, what is Enterprise day ?? It is happening in a few weeks at my school and all i know is that i need a smart/dressy outfit. I was getting a bit panicked as nothing i tried on was looking right, i dont think i suit the 'business' look but i eventually found a nice tan coloured dress from H&M and some lllaaaaaverly heels to go with it. I think i may do a short post on it later.  
<3 This week has been adjusting back to waking up early for school and getting on track with homework. All exams are over, and we are officially head of the school, which also means yr 11 work begins pronto!
<3 Tonight i have dance rehearsal for my show next week, time is going so quickly! I only have 3 more weeks untill the biggest trip of my liffeee !!! This summer i am going to AMERICA !! I am such a lucky girl. As the days go by im sure you will be hearing more and more about this as the frenzied excitement mounts ;)) So, i'm going to be gone for 2 weeks starting on the 30th. I have already got stacks of lists and things to get before i leave. Going to America has always been a dream of mine, and it still doesn't feel real that we're going! I have a big shopping trip planned for Sunday so stand by for a haul! 
Ok m'lovlerlies, thats all from me,
Lily, xx


  1. Your summer sounds immense, have a blast! x hivenn

  2. love your blog, and i agree them cupcakes are amazingly cute!


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