Sunday, 3 July 2011

My week in pictures ♡

<3 Phew, so this week has been such a loooooong one !! It has just gone on and on.
<3 So this week i finally got all my year 10 exams over and done with, WOOO ! My last one was on wednesday. I've been enjoying not having to study and cram till the very last second and then sitting in a stuffy sports hall at a tiny wooden desk for like 2 hours at a time. My school doesnt have the best exam facilities ;).
<3 Monday: my mum surprised me by having put up our trampoline when i got home from my exam. I love my trampoline, me and my sister spent an evening taking stupid pictures on it.
<3 Tuesday: my sister gave me a pedicure - my toes have never looked better !!
<3 Wednesday: last yr 10 exam! Then i went round my friends to get ready to go out. It was a friends birthday so me and all the girls went out to prezzo's, it was a great night !
<3 Thursday: i went out to the cinema and while my friend was getting her phone fixed i went into Peacocks and found this amazing shall-like cardigan. Its got a really nice pale blue aztec pattern (i seem to be into that style at the moment).
<3Saturday: Went round to shannon's (my stunning friend in the pictures above) where we did a Kim Kardashian workout video and videos for our joint youtube channel and chilled in the limited sun we had that day.
<3 Sunday: Today, I AM EXHAUSTED !! I went on a bike ride with my dad in the forest. I absolutely love bike rides but this one was a mega one. We got lost after about an hour but managed to find our way back to the car eventually! It was such a nice day and the sun never went behind a single cloud. I caught the sun on my face a bit which means freckles for me ! I hate my freckles. We going out for a Sunday dinner later on so i'm gunna go get ready now, hope you all had a lovely week too !

Lily, xox


  1. Glad your exams are over, I know that relieved feeling:D Have a good meal out:)

  2. Youre beautiful!

  3. yeah i live on the south east coast :)

  4. What a fun week. Have to say I love your blog background. So summery.

    Helen, X

  5. Wow! Someone has been busy! How do you pack everything into a week? Looks like fun!
    Even more to look forward to know your exams are over!


  6. love that dusky pink cardigan when you're in the picture with your friend - where's it from? let me know on twitter if you have it :) @cococerys xx

  7. Looks like you had a fun week!!!!