Thursday, 30 June 2011

Photo-booth Photos

001. Find a photobooth
002. Gather all your friends
003. Cram all your mates in
004. Enjoy the hilarious results 

Sometimes the best things in life are cheap and cheerful !
Lily, xox

Monday, 27 June 2011

<3 So today i just felt like a bit of a ramble, and it is waaaaay to hot to be doing anything productive so i shall catch you up on me, my life and my universe.
<3 The weather for the past two days has made it feel like a foreign country! I surprised myself yesterday by ending up walking around in a bikini. 
Being the pale english rose i am and knowing that for however long i lie in the sun i will only gain freckles, i decided to apply fake tan on my legs. I have found the best solution to a quick and easy tan - Fake Tan WIPES !! they are dead easy to use and really quick. You just wipe it all over the chosen body part and over the next few hours you build up a nice tan. Orange feet are however a side effect if you don't apply carefully. I have been trying to hide mine today.  If you saw me you wouldn't think i had any on (because my leg still look very pale), but it has actually made a huge difference, i have the tan line on my bum to prove it ;) but you can wipe it on to your hearts content! I purchased these from savers for £1.00 ! and there's 20 in a pack - BARGAIN !! im going back to stock up.
<3 so today i had my maths exam. I'm in year 10 and around the end of the school year we have mock exams, vair vair annoying but the study leave is great. I know i completely failed because i always have been and always will be crap at maths. but its a mock so Ho Hum Pigs Bum ;) I should be studying for my actual GCSE science exams that i have tomorrow, but the weather is just so uncomfortable. I think a good investment would be a fan. There is no sun out at all but it is just SO HOT! i think humid is the word. Ahh well it is all good practice for my summer in America (SUPER DUPER BLOODY CRAZILY EXCITED)
Although the worrying thing is that all this humidity is making my georgeous (not) hair resemble what can only be described as the overgrown bush in my front garden :/ this is not on. Any suggestions for un-tamable curly hair ?? 
<3 This friday i have been invited to a friends birthday. It a meal out with all the girls but with a twist .....
The theme is: The Only Way Is Essex. It should be a laugh, i'll put up some photos later this weekend.
<3 Right i have bored you enough now ! Cheerio lovelies,,
Lily, xx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My name is ...

<3 so first of all, i should introduce myself, my name is Harriet. 
I like my name but if any of you have seen my joint youtube channel or twitter then you know that i much prefer my middle name - Lily, i carry it with me wherever i go on a necklace.
<3 things i don't like about myself would be ...
my nose because it has a massive bump on the bridge
my height. My 13 year old sister towers above me, just about 3 more inches would be nice (Y) its not that im tiny but i still feel like a child when i stand next to adults.
 my hair just about never looks right, as you can tell from the pictures above !
I have massive dark under-eye circle that i hate hate hate !!!
<3 things i do like are ....
the colour of my hair, it can go quite golden in the sun, although i am a fan of ombre hair and nearer the summer im going to give that a go !
I have never had a problem with my weight and put it down to a fast metabolism
my teeth, thanks to the miracle of  modern dentistry
<3 i am in year 10 at school and my favorite lesson has to be my amazing commercial art class, its the best part of my week !
<3 shopping Shopping SHOPPING,, my fave thing to do !!
<3 peanut butter is amazing, rain is depressing, autumn is beautiful, the future is a mystery, the Darwin Deez have stolen my heart, sun is uplifting, marshmallows are genius and i am enjoying every bit of it. 
<3 and now im really getting into blogging. So i will try to catch you up regularly on my not so thrilling life as often as i can and all that is left to say is ta-rah for now and enjoy,
Lily x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

London and Half Term Haul

Heyy !
So about a week before half term i went up to London with my dad and sister.
I absolutely love London and it is my favorite place to shop !!

So, the first thing i brought was a pair of camel colored jeans 
from a shop i have never actually heard of before called Pull and Bears in the Westfield Shopping Centre
 They were £20 and i love them, wear them all the time !!

The second thing i brought from London was 2 Jesus Bracelets 
They are from Camden Market
 Camden Market always has amazing things and I go every time i'm in London,
These were 42p each !! from a stall.
I wanted one of these for ages ! They basically have lots of really beautiful religious pictures on each block  

The last thing i brought from London was also from a stall in Candem, 
Its a really cute baseball shirt 
And this was £12 pounds,
I wear it all the time just around the house and it goes so well with the camel jeans too !

That is everything i got from London, it wasn't the biggest shopping trip, the rest is the half term haul.

Lee Stafford: For hair that only grows past a certain length
I will do a review on this after i have been using it for a bit longer !
For ages i have been trying to grow my hair long and my friend recommended this to me. 
It was £7.99 from Boots, so really cheap and you get a lot in the pot. 
It repairs any split ends and makes your hair feel really soft
So it puts it in the best condition for growth.
This is probably my best buy and i use it every time i wash my hair
<3 IT !!!

Next I brought a rucksack from Next,
Its really cute and I've wanted one for ages. It was £28, which is expensive but i had vouchers so its OK !!

Getting ready for summer now !!
2 Bikinis from the amazing Primark and H&M;

This is the Primark one, it was £8 
Not the best picture !!
I love the colour and pattern, cant wait to wear it !

Second one is from H&M;
Defiantly my fave one !!
It was expensive at £7.99 for the top and bottom each but worth it.

From Zara i got some short that i have wanted for sooo long !!
Light blue denim with faded effect and subtle ripped detailing.
They were about £19.

From Topshop (<3) i got a crop top
 Topshop is my favourite place for summer clothes
This was £18.

The last thing i brought was volumising Tresseme Moose from Boots.
It was around £5/6 
It works really well and smells great !!

So thats it for my Half-Term Haul !!
Hope you enjoyed 

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Vanity Runs Throughout

Heyy !
So yesterday I went to my friends house and we did a photoshoot for my commercial art project.
She did all the makeup and it turned out amazing as usual !
I was trying to portray vanity.
We did two looks; hope you like it !

The first was a more angelic look;

The second look i more the evil, ugly side of vanity;

-H xxx

Friday, 3 June 2011

My Blog

Heyy, my name is Harriet
I love all things vintage, photography and shopping.
I will mainly blog hauls and any photography that I have done lately.
Also anything I may be doing that i think is interesting
soo cyaaaa <33