Monday, 27 June 2011

<3 So today i just felt like a bit of a ramble, and it is waaaaay to hot to be doing anything productive so i shall catch you up on me, my life and my universe.
<3 The weather for the past two days has made it feel like a foreign country! I surprised myself yesterday by ending up walking around in a bikini. 
Being the pale english rose i am and knowing that for however long i lie in the sun i will only gain freckles, i decided to apply fake tan on my legs. I have found the best solution to a quick and easy tan - Fake Tan WIPES !! they are dead easy to use and really quick. You just wipe it all over the chosen body part and over the next few hours you build up a nice tan. Orange feet are however a side effect if you don't apply carefully. I have been trying to hide mine today.  If you saw me you wouldn't think i had any on (because my leg still look very pale), but it has actually made a huge difference, i have the tan line on my bum to prove it ;) but you can wipe it on to your hearts content! I purchased these from savers for £1.00 ! and there's 20 in a pack - BARGAIN !! im going back to stock up.
<3 so today i had my maths exam. I'm in year 10 and around the end of the school year we have mock exams, vair vair annoying but the study leave is great. I know i completely failed because i always have been and always will be crap at maths. but its a mock so Ho Hum Pigs Bum ;) I should be studying for my actual GCSE science exams that i have tomorrow, but the weather is just so uncomfortable. I think a good investment would be a fan. There is no sun out at all but it is just SO HOT! i think humid is the word. Ahh well it is all good practice for my summer in America (SUPER DUPER BLOODY CRAZILY EXCITED)
Although the worrying thing is that all this humidity is making my georgeous (not) hair resemble what can only be described as the overgrown bush in my front garden :/ this is not on. Any suggestions for un-tamable curly hair ?? 
<3 This friday i have been invited to a friends birthday. It a meal out with all the girls but with a twist .....
The theme is: The Only Way Is Essex. It should be a laugh, i'll put up some photos later this weekend.
<3 Right i have bored you enough now ! Cheerio lovelies,,
Lily, xx


  1. Lee Staford's De Humindifier for about £5 if a good.. well de-humidifier:D

  2. the weather has been amazing xxx