Sunday, 12 June 2011

London and Half Term Haul

Heyy !
So about a week before half term i went up to London with my dad and sister.
I absolutely love London and it is my favorite place to shop !!

So, the first thing i brought was a pair of camel colored jeans 
from a shop i have never actually heard of before called Pull and Bears in the Westfield Shopping Centre
 They were £20 and i love them, wear them all the time !!

The second thing i brought from London was 2 Jesus Bracelets 
They are from Camden Market
 Camden Market always has amazing things and I go every time i'm in London,
These were 42p each !! from a stall.
I wanted one of these for ages ! They basically have lots of really beautiful religious pictures on each block  

The last thing i brought from London was also from a stall in Candem, 
Its a really cute baseball shirt 
And this was £12 pounds,
I wear it all the time just around the house and it goes so well with the camel jeans too !

That is everything i got from London, it wasn't the biggest shopping trip, the rest is the half term haul.

Lee Stafford: For hair that only grows past a certain length
I will do a review on this after i have been using it for a bit longer !
For ages i have been trying to grow my hair long and my friend recommended this to me. 
It was £7.99 from Boots, so really cheap and you get a lot in the pot. 
It repairs any split ends and makes your hair feel really soft
So it puts it in the best condition for growth.
This is probably my best buy and i use it every time i wash my hair
<3 IT !!!

Next I brought a rucksack from Next,
Its really cute and I've wanted one for ages. It was £28, which is expensive but i had vouchers so its OK !!

Getting ready for summer now !!
2 Bikinis from the amazing Primark and H&M;

This is the Primark one, it was £8 
Not the best picture !!
I love the colour and pattern, cant wait to wear it !

Second one is from H&M;
Defiantly my fave one !!
It was expensive at £7.99 for the top and bottom each but worth it.

From Zara i got some short that i have wanted for sooo long !!
Light blue denim with faded effect and subtle ripped detailing.
They were about £19.

From Topshop (<3) i got a crop top
 Topshop is my favourite place for summer clothes
This was £18.

The last thing i brought was volumising Tresseme Moose from Boots.
It was around £5/6 
It works really well and smells great !!

So thats it for my Half-Term Haul !!
Hope you enjoyed 


  1. love everything especially the topshop top!x
    please take a look at my beauty blog-

  2. I reeeally love that little 'festival' print topshop top! great buys :)

  3. All of your purchases are brilliant. You are incredibly beautiful too!

    You have a wonderful blog by the way, I will definitly be checking back to read more of your posts! Good luck with it (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,