Sunday, 15 July 2012

Prom Night

So last Friday night, I had my Prom. It was honestly a fantastic night and I would love so much to do it all over again! It was sad realizing that this would be the last time everybody from my school would all find ourselves together seeing as we are starting different colleges this September. But all the same, we had to leave at some point, and this was a great way of saying goodbye to our Secondary School years!
I thought I would show you guys a few pictures from the night, hope you enjoy!

 After about four months of frantically going up and down the country looking for that perfect dress (literally, i went to Manchester, Bolton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Oxford, London...) i decided to look online.
My friend told me about a website called Dresses Ok and i automatically found the dress of my dreams! I have to say that i had been trying to avoid buying offline as there's always the risk someone may have ordered your dress and you have no way of knowing or that it may not come in time! However i'm so glad i did, it needed a few readjustments but after that it fitted amazingly! (make sure you fill in the order forms super carefullly!)

As for nails, hair and makeup....
My makeup was done by my beautiful and talented best friend Shannon, to see her blog click here. You can also watch a video of my makeup being done by shannon along with a few of our other friends here on her vlog channel.
I bought some fake acrylic nails from Boots for around £5. All you had to do was glue them on and i loved having long nails for once!
Me and my mumma did my hair. Its very simply straightened and pulled back into a bun and held in place by hair grips. Then a few side bits were pulled down and curled for a messier effect.

hope everyone had a magical Prom night too!

Love H


  1. AHHHHHHH SOOOOOOOOO amazing! love the last photo! hahahaha!!! and i love the flowers you put on the heading! looks LUSHHHHH!!!!

  2. loooking gorgeousss...How do you do that effect on you're photos?? :)) xxxxxxx

    1. Awhh thankyou! And I used pic monkey and photoshop xxx

  3. glad you had a great time you look lovely !

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment, sweet.
    You looked beautiful for prom!

    Love Roza xxx

    1. Your welcome and thankyou do much hunni xx