Saturday, 18 February 2012


Hello again!
So this weekend I bought two pairs of jeans, both very different prices, but both so easy to create an outfit around for any occasion. I couldn't wait to see how I could style them and came up with two outfits that I love.

Outfit 1: Black Pair
Everything I am wearing in this outfit except the vans is brand new from the past two days where I went shopping crazy! 

Jumper -   Vintage Store -  £23
Necklace - River Island -     £1.50
Jeans -      Primark -          £9
Vans -        LA shoe store - $25 - (roughly £16) 

I was so pleased to find these jeans in Primark for such an amazing price. I had been wanting to buy some black jeans for so long as they go with EVERYTHING but had been putting it off for reasons unknown.
Vintage shopping is something I am getting slowly obsessed with! I've found so many great items already and the shops are always packed full of bargains! Underneath my jumper I'm wearing a sleeveless blouse that I found in the Vintage store, great for layering and I'm planning on wearing it well on into the summer. 

Outfit 2: Red Pair

Denim Jacket -      Zara 
Sleeveless Blouse - Vintage Shop - £15.79
Turtle Necklace -  (Gift)
Red Jeans -           Topshop -        £38
Boot Wedges -       River Island -   £35

I LOVE this outfit! Its smart casual and can easily be dressed down by adding some pumps or any flat shoe. I wore it out last night to a meal with friends to Frankie&Bennys (YUM).
Hallelujah, the red jeans have finally landed in my life! I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair since before Christmas, better late than never! The contrast in price between the two pairs of jeans is shocking, I'm glad I have both so I can mix and match!
I picked this particular pair because of the extra added detail at the bottom, the little rolled up ends adds some extra style for you to work with, Topshop never dissapoints!


I never really used to bother with jewelry but it can easily bring an outfit together. These are two of my favorite necklaces at the moment. The crosses I found in a sale in River Island and the Turtle was a Christmas gift from a friend.

Hope you enjoyed,


  1. Love the outfits harriet - first is probably my fave!♡

  2. what font do you use Harriet?

  3. I really like the red jeans and the whole seconds outfit!