Saturday, 16 July 2011

Cath Kidston Washbag

<3 Heeey, so i've been having a relaxing Saturday with the famalaam. My Grandma and Grandad are down for the weekend to see my dance show tomorrow. I'm so excited to finally be doing the shows again, even though i am hardly on the stage for long! I have to be there all day tomorrow in a stuffy auditorium that is being used as one of our dressing rooms. I really hope it doesn't rain tomorrow so that i can go outside in the intervals for some fresh air! Aaah, the show-biz life ;)
<3 So today i went to Gunwharf Quays with my dad and grandparents for a spot of shopping and a walk around the docks. However it was pouring with rain when we arrived so the walk didn't go quite as planned.
<3 Anywayy! My laaaverly daddy brought me this beautiful Cath Kidston wash bag as it was in the sales from around £16 to £8 ! I adore the Cath Kidston products but have just never brought anything before. This pattern is by far my favorite of them all!

 <3 While browsing i saw about 5 other things that i really wanted. Everything is just so pretty in there!
<3 I really needed a bigger wash bag for my holidays, and this is just the perfect size for most of my toiletries. It is going to be so hard when i begin packing. I am like the worlds worse packer, for some reason it just gets me so stressed ! This time it will be even harder as i have to limit how much i pack, usually i just chuck just about everything in! But i am planning on buying a lot of things from America. (yes AMERICA !!!! i am SO bloooooooodddyy excitedd !!) So i don't want to go over the weight limit as you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money if you do.
<3 So now i'm just watching Marley and Me, seriously love this film !! But it's so sad at the end, ahaa.
Hope you've all had a loverly weekend too! Everyone pray for sunshine tomorrow !!
Lily, xx


  1. I love that Cath Kidston pattern!

  2. I would not be able to live without mine!

  3. i love this bag. it's gorgoeous!

  4. i love your blog! :)

  5. I want this wash bag! I love cath kidston stuff. lovely blog I followed back xxx

  6. This is adorable!
    from another Cath kidoson lover ;