Monday, 18 July 2011

My week in pictures ♡

<3 I had a pretty jam-packed week and i am absolutely exhausted!! BRING ON THE HOLIDAYS !!! I really can't believe that my school still hasn't broken up for the hols when every other school in the country has (probs a slight exaggeration but .. MEH) So here goes with my week:

<3 Monday: I had a lazy day, as you can see my mum snapped me relaxing on the couch, heeehe. 

<3 Tuesday: I went to a college open evening! This was so exciting for me since i've never visited a college before and i really had no idea what to expect. The picture above is an over view of all the different courses. There were so many to look at that i just ended up going into each subject and grabbing a leaflet on it. As soon as i get some time, i'm going to have to sit down, go through them all and have a serious think about my future (its all so scary!!). I have a few generalized ideas of what i would like to study at college. Photography (a must!), psychology, english literature, some kind of science .. and possibly environmental studies (which is classed as a science)  The best thing would be for me to know what career i want to end up doing, but i honestly have NO clue. Almost every teacher i talked to that day asked: "So, what would you like to be?" and i just had to say, i do not know! I have to choose 4 courses and then drop one by the second year! How do you choose with so much on offer!?? So i will have to have chosen my college and sent of my application by December this year! I just feel that i'm too young to be deciding these things, but clearly i need to grow up and get my life organised !! ahaaa, its all so confuddling!
Anyway, the college was great and had a really nice campus and atmosphere. It is very likely to be the one i go to out of my two choices!  Are any of you going to be starting college soon? Do you have any advice?

<3 Wednesday: This was the first proper dress rehearsal for my dance show! I looooove doing the shows so much and since we only get to do them every other year they always seem so special! As you can see from the picture i am modelling that to die for slicked back look! and some very garish lippy, hahaa! The make-up is extravagant but its all for dramatic effect. 

<3 Thursday: The first live show! It was so exciting finally getting to do my dance in front of an audience!! But also very tiring, i got home at around 11 and asleep by 1, i am not good with late nights!!

<3 Friday: SPORTS DAYY !! and what can i say ??... i like to get into the spirit of things !! ahaa, my tutor was America, unfortunately we didnt win but i made sure i waved our falg !! Loving the face paints. It was soo nice all day, and got the whole day off lessons. You gotta love sports day. I did long jump and came 5th, hahaa, not my usual standard but oh well. That was my last ever sports day (small tear) My school life is nearing the end :'( 

<3 Saturday: My grandparents were down with their adorable little dog, Lady. I wish i had taken a pic of her! We made the trip into portsmouth as you know if you saw my last post and did some shopping in the rain (good old British Summertime!) I got this poster which i LOVE !! I'm really into all the Keep Calm and Carry On stuff and this poster just made me laugh so much !! I spent the afternoon with my dad going over plans for our american road trip this summer. Only 13 days to goooooooo !!!!!

<3 Sunday: IT'S SHOW TIME! Eleven hours i spent at that theater on sunday, ELEVEN !!! but it was so much fun. We did two full shows with a half hour break in between, and it was amazing! I can't wait for the dvd to come so i can watch it all through properly. Everyone had a bit of a cry when it was all over, its always sad!
<3 So now its rainy and wet and i really need to start packing for ma hols !! byeeee m'loverlies,
Lily, xox


  1. choose a levels of things you enjoy the most, it doesn't really matter if they're related to what career you want.. with english lit there is a lot of essays and analysing :/ but its a good one to have! i really recommend psychology though, theres a lot to remember but its really interesting! hope you have a lovely holiday :) x

  2. wow:) very interesting post harriet :)
    Thanks for following my blog, you're a lovely, girl, have an awesome summer holiday! ox

  3. I'm starting my A-levels this September and I'm super duper worried about having whether or not I've chosen the wrong subjects! You'll still be able to change after December I'm sure so you have a year to think about things :) xx

  4. I recognize that course info! You're looking at the college I go to at the moment! I do psychology and absolutely love it but it helps if you are really interested in something too! All of my friends that do enviro at PSC really enjoy it and apparently the teachers are great :)
    Just try not to worry too much about your courses because you get lots of time to change them if you want to!

  5. I know! It's such a small world! The psychology teachers are all great and if you want any info for any other courses I can get my friends to let you know about theirs :)
    And I have entered your details into my give-away spreadsheet already- i feel so prepared!

  6. love this post!