Saturday, 2 July 2011

Naturally Lighten Your Hair

<3 This was a great suggestion from my friend Shannon who has already done a post on her blog and she got the idea from the youtube channel, Adrea'sChoice.
<3 I think this is a great solution for anyone who doesnt like the idea of using harsh chemicals or dye on their hair to lighten it. I was going to use sun-in on my hair but heard form my friends that it is really damaging and drying on your hair. 
<3 I am LOVING the ombre look for the summer!! So when i did this i only put it on the bottom half of my hair, it is so easy to do and uses opnly natural ingredients (plus conditioner).
<3 What you will need: - Conditioner  - Honey (raw or solid is best) 
                                    - Lemon (optional)  - Jar
<3 OK so like i said, it is so easy to do! First put one part conditioner and two parts honey into the jar and mix. I also added lemon as it is a natural lightener, but some of you may feel that this will dry out your hair. I didn't find this however! If you are going to add the lemon, just cut one in half and squeeze the juice in with the honey and conditioner, it will smell AMAZING !! Try and mix it well so that there are no lumps of honey left.
<3 Leave that to sit for around 10-15 minutes, then just smooth it all over your hair. If you do want the ombre  effect, only put it on the bottom half of your hair. Once you have covered your head, place your hair in a normal plastic bag that you can get from the supermarket and wrap it up. Then wrap it in a towel like you would normally do after washing your hair. This is to lock in the heat and improve the lightening effect. Leave it for 40 minutes and find something to do!
<3 After 40 minutes, take your hair down and wash as normal, make sure to get all the honey mixture out! After 4-5 times of doing this you should start to see a difference. I have only been able to do it once so far, as i've been so busy but even after the first time i did see a tiny difference. I have lightish brown hair that is slightly golden ginger in the sun - its a weird combination i know!
<3 If you try this, please comment and tell me if it works for you! I'll keep you updated if i ever get round to doing this again, aha. It is a must for those of you who want lighter hair for the summer but don't want to damage it. Its also a really relaxing activity and the honey and lemon smells so good! You must try it, enjoy!

Lily, xx


  1. Please put pictures up so we can see the stages and the change:D

  2. i did a post about this and what shannon did on my blog too if you wanna check it out!(:

  3. i really need to give this a try!!

  4. If i ever get round to doing it again, i will post some pictures, promise ! x

  5. Sorry to say it, but lemon on your hair does just as much damage as using the dye you get in shops! But still, this way is a lot cheaper and lasts longer :)

  6. Going to have to try this!
    thankyou for this !