Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Holiday Haul

<3 Finally! I've got around to it!! I'm in London for the week and i've just found a moment to upload the photos and write this, so lets get on with it!

Here's a selection of some of the clothes i picked up. Everything is so cheap over there, it's unbelieveable!! All the shops we get in the UK are selling at almost half the price in the USA, i just to buy it all really!
(Left to Right)
<3 Original Yankees T-Shirt - New York, $57, the shop across the road from my apartment 
<3 Skirt, LA, Forever 21, $15
<3 Aztec Style dress - (i am in love with this dress!), LA, Forever 21, $22
<3 TCB Shirt - Memphis, Graceland's gift shop (Graceland's is Elvis Presley's house!)
<3 Jumper - New York, American Eagle Outfitters, $54

 (Here's a close up of my new fave dress!)

<3 As you can probably tell i am pretty much in love with Forever 21 and can't wait to visit it later on this week here in London!


<3 Ok so i have my laaaaaverly vans finally !! i have wanted some for ages, but waited to get some from the US because i knew they would be alot cheaper. And they were! Only $55!! and the dollar is only a fraction of the pound so this is extreamly cheap! I got the Vans from a specialized Vans and converse shop in LA.
<3 Also in the picture there are my lovely candyfloss pink Converses which i also adore. I got these from a shoe warehouse in LA for a really good price which, unfortunately, I can't remember!

<3 Moving swiftly onto gifts! It was jsut the usual kind of thing, some New York choccies, bracelets from Venice beach and a holly wood star from the hollywood boulevard. Some presents you may have found more interesting, (make-up acquired from target and Wal-Mart)  i have unfortunately already given away to my friend (who i mentioned in my last post -  Glamerdoll ) so i wasn't able to get photos! If anyone is interested i could list them but i won't bother you in this post!

<3 So that is a brief over view of my purchases form America, hope you enjoyed it and i will do a post on my holiday as well, including some photos when i find the time! I promise my posts will become more regular after the holidays are over and i am back into a proper routine.
<3 Today i went into Oxford street and Carnaby Street to all the vintage shops in London, it was really nice and i finally managed to find a quilted jacket that wasn't scarily expensive. Anyway, pictures to come! ..

Lily, xox


  1. this has made me so excited about going to new york in february!
    and i love those vans!

  2. That Original Yankees T-Shirt really is so cute xx

  3. your blog looks really fun :) i followed! great post xx

  4. I really neeed a pair of vans but they are so expensive in France. urghhhh!
    Lovely blog! :)
    Poppy xx

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